Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Check! Check! Introduction 'Kisah' Qaseh AzRin

Hello..Welcome 2011!!!

My name is NurHazira. My fiance name is Azurin. Haa .. This blog is special about the story we are doing our wedding preparations. That is why this blog name 'Kisah'(Story) Qaseh Azrin. Haha .. so over!. 19th September 2010 is the day where my engagement ceremony took place after four years, two months and nine days we are together as a couple.

Actually all my wedding preparations will start after the wedding ceremony of my brother. Wedding is on 19th February 2011. For that, I must help my mom to clean house and prepare the invitation cards.

Okay, back to my story ... now I have started writing a checklist for wedding ceremony. It must do this kind of thing if not I'll missing much because even though I was young, sometimes I'm forgetful too .. haha~ Lets read my checklist!


6-12 months before:
1. Marriage courses.
2. Select the date and time of marriage.
3. Choose a location and time of meals and make a reservation.
4. Ordering location and time of the wedding ceremony takes place.
5. Determine the style and theme wedding ceremony.
6. Setting the budget.
7. Choose the best wedding coordinators to arrange your ceremony.
8. Collect the names of guests.
9. Choose the clamps and interpreter of events.
10. Choose a professional make-up and hair do.
11. Select catering.
12. Select photography and videography.
13. Choose a florist and event decorator location.
14. Choose your wedding rings.
15. Select music.
16. Choose a wedding cake.
17. Select invitation card.

Haa ... for now, just a checklist to 6-12 before the ceremony. When I get to the next level I will share a checklist in turn. Hihi ~
For now, I have not made a single thing from the list. After this, I want to share my engagement pictures in the next post. Check it out!

Lots of Love;
Qaseh Azrin

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  1. hai..dah khatam awak punya blog...sweet sangat !! su suka belog ni!!


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