Sunday, 24 July 2011

DIY: Paper flower from paper case

Hello and good day to all of you...

Yesterday, I had a lot to spend my money to buy my Scrapbook needs. Today was reading some magazines that I buy I am very inspired to DIY something that can reduce my costs. That is, the flowers of the paper case. How to do it?

First, you need to cut the base of the container.

Next, put glue on the end of the inside of the container and fold to see the wrinkles. Repeat these steps for the quantity you want.

Once completed, put the glue on the side of the paper and combine them with papers that you have created earlier to form a flower. After that, decorate the center of the flower with the decor that you really enjoy, such as buttons, pearl or whatever you like!

And now ... it is ready and you can put it in the mini Scrapbook, card or whatever you want;)

That's it ... you can try it! (>_<)

With Love!


  1. sangat comell...suke suke suke ^_^

  2. k dis is sooooo comel loteyy..he2 soryy e lame x mengomen...hik2..busy ckit

  3. atie.. its okay.. wat thesis ea.. ;)) comel kan..(^_^)


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